Thursday, November 3, 2011

Well Hello!

First off, I would like to start with my current weight as of this morning.  I weigh in and every day but every Monday is the one that I document.  As of this morning I weigh 243.  Not what I want, but hey I'll take it because that now puts me at 55 pounds down! 

So what has happened since my last post?

Well, I got married, got a new job (still teaching but now teaching 1st grade at a different school), I have gone from a size 18/20 to a size 14/16!  That's so hard for me to fathom.  Like, the last time I posted I was wearing a very tight size 18.  Today, I'm in a great fitting  16 in jeans and in dresses I'm now wearing a 14/16.  So, while my weight is still very high, my body is still changing and guys, I am LOVING it!  I haven't been able to wear this size of clothing since I was in High School!  That's just crazy y'all.

As far as eating goes, I'm eating like shit but eating less of it if that helps salvage that any lol.  I know I could be losing a lot more so if you are going to preach it to me that I need to eat healthier and I wouldn't weigh so much, then go read someone else's blog because I do not want to hear/read it. 

So, I think I'm going to leave this post with pictures and a small story behind them.  I'll label them with each month and my approximate weight and what all was going on with me during that time!

I hope all of you beautiful, skinny, bitches are doing well!!

This is a picture of me in March. 
It was the first weekend of March Madness.
Approximately 267
Wearing loose 20's

This is me in April.  It was the beginning of the
month because clearly it was payday bc I was shopping.
I had just gotten a fill two weeks prior.
Approximately 258 wearing tight 18's

This is me in May.  We are watching Pirates 4 in 3D
This was one week before we got married!
Approximately 257 wearing tight 18's
but a size XL dress.  Glad to be out of 2X and
plus sizes in general! 
Life was good here!

My wedding day!
Wearing a size 18 wedding dress that was loose!
Approximately 255 wearing 18's

August 12th.  The day I found out I got my new job!
Wearing an XL dress proudly.
Approximately 255 wearing a comfortable 18

Approximately 255.  Haven't lost weight in a while
so got a fill the next week.
Wearing a comfortable 18

Late September!  Baby Cooper is finally here!
Approximately 255 wearing a loose 18

First week of October
Just got an aggressive fill!
Approximately 248 wearing a 16!!!
Haven't worn a 16 since High School
and it felt damn good!

Mid October
Trying on a dress that I haven't worn in 2 years.
Approximately 247 wearing a tight 16

Same day as above

Same day as above

(I couldn't get this picture to flip)
October 23rd. 
Approximately 246 wearing a comfortable 16

Same day as above

Weight = 243
Wearing a LOOSE 16 jeans!!
Wearing a L tshirt and baggy XL dress shirts

Same as above!
Can't get this picture to turn either.

I am SO thankful for my surgeon, my insurance, and the Lap-Band in general!
The only regrets I've had along this journey are not getting my fills sooner.
I hope all of you are having a great day!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Long time no post!

Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long! I have a lot to update you with. I'm going to write a huge post tomorrow to hopefully catch everyone up on my lb life! Tomorrow's post will include the bachelorette party, wedding, new job, weight loss, tons of NSV's and most importantly...PICTURES! Be looking for a new post tomorrow!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Low Carb = Game Over!

First and foremost, I would like to give a big hug to all of these people who can low carb it and stick to it.  More power to you because I don't have it in me.  I don't really like vegetables all that much so my diet was literally a serving of meat at lunch and dinner.  Not appetizing to me.  I like meat, but not that much.  I don't really eat it all that much anyway so this just isn't for me.  Besides, like Heather said, this is a lifestyle change not a diet.  I like Heather.  She is very "to the point" and I like that about her.  If I could honestly succeed at a "low carb diet" then I wouldn't have needed the surgery.  I DON'T HAVE THE WILLPOWER TO DIET!!  There, I said it!  That's why I had surgery.  Now, I can limit my calories to under 1200 a day because that's what the band helps me do.  It keeps me full and helps me fill up fast so I don't shove empty calories into my mouth all day. 

So, how did it work with weight loss.  I honestly didn't really notice a change.  I lost, but I lose every week.  As of today I am 255.8 lbs.  I truly don't remember the last time I weighed that.  I know I had said that I had been hovering, and it did help me lose, but I also relate that to the crazy amount of water I was drinking.  Something about that diet, I guess all the salty meat, made me so thirsty that I got my 64 oz. plus some in during the day with no trouble at all!  So, I think what I'm going to do now is just do what my surgeon originally told me to do.  Low fat, healthy carbs, healthier choices lots of water, less than 1200 calories a day.  He makes the big bucks so I guess he knows what he's talking about!  So, I'm back to eating right.  I honestly like the more "balanced" eating anyway.  Today was my Sunday Shop Day so let me fill you in on what's on the menu for this week!

Breakfast - Mini Wheats with mixed berry fruit in the middle
Lunch - Turkey sandwich on Pepperidge Farm Extra Thin bread slices
Dinner - Fajita chicken strips with salsa and a whole wheat tortilla
Snacks if needed - apple or yogurt

Breakfast - same
Lunch - same
Dinner - Homemade pizza.  I'll post the recipe tomorrow night or maybe even a video of me making it!
Snacks if needed - apple or 100 cal pack popcorn

Breakfast - same
Lunch - leftover slice of homemade pizza
Dinner - grilled chicken strips and baked beans
Snacks if needed - apple or yogurt

Breakfast - same
Lunch - sandwich
Dinner - Oscar Mayer Light Hot Dog on half of a bun.  (These are the best y'all!  They taste just like a normal hot dog and have half the fat in them.)
Snacks if needed - apple or popcorn

Breakfast - same
Lunch - either leftover hot dog or sandwich
Dinner - Weekend date with my hunny!!

So, that's my menu for the week.  Oh!  I almost forgot to tell you.  I have been terrified to try any carbonated beverages but today I tried a Coke Zero.....and I honestly didn't enjoy it.  I would much rather have my water.  Crazy how things change?!  Kisses to everyone and I hope Monday is nice to you!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Low Carb Day 4

Well, here I am 4 days in to this low carb thing and I must say it has finally gotten easier.  My first day I did really good because I took a nap when I got home because of the awful withdrawal headache.  Tuesday was bad because I gave in and had 3 cookies lol.  Wednesday was pretty good.  I stayed under 20g of carbs.  Today has been really easy, so I'm getting the hang of it.  So far this week I have lost 3.6 pounds which now brings me to 256.8!  This is the lowest I have ever been.  I had originally set my wedding date goal to be 250 so I'm definitely going to break that because I still have over 2 months until then!  I'm really excited about the weight loss but without a doubt this is tough.  I'm hoping to lose a good 10 pounds or so throughout this low carb eating over the next two weeks.  But honestly, after two weeks I don't think I will be able to make it anymore.  Have you ever noticed how EVERYTHING you like, or anything that's good is full of carbs?  Crazy huh?  The things I like are full of things that are bad for my midsection.  Figures....  So, only two weeks of this then it's back to the good stuff for me!  It's definitely working and I applaud those who can stick to it religiously, but this old girl can't do it forever!  I need to have some kind of bread or something.  Even an whole weat roll or whole weat pasta would be great right now but I can't have it on the low carb.  Anyway, I know this is short but I'm at work and the kids are in the gym watching a movie as a reward for having SAT's every day this week.  I'm supposed to be doing lesson plans....but we won't tell them that!! I hope you're all having a wonderful week and are looking forward to the weekend just as much as I am!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Carbs or no carbs? That is the question.

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all doing wonderfully!  I just wanted to do a quick check in with everyone.  I am 15 weeks post op.  I'm teeter tottering between 259-260lbs.  I'm wearing XL shirts and size 18 jeans.  Not 18 plus, just 18s.  I got my wedding dress and it wasn't plus sized!  It was an 18 from the normal girl's section!!  I am officially down (as of today) 38.4 lbs.  I'm kind of stuck at a stand still and this leads me to the carb question.

I am a carboholic.  There, I said it!  I LOVE carbs and eat them all the time.  My sides of choice are macaroni and cheese, potatoes, and rolls.  I'm losing pretty good as far as body goes.  Like, my clothes are getting smaller etc.  But, I want to keep going ya know?  I mean, I didn't get this band just to lose 40 pounds.  I want to be one of those awesome success stories.  So, I was reading in a magazine the other day about the best way to lose weight.  And of course, it talked about carbs.  See, my midsection (butt, gut, and belly) is my worst part of my body.  I HATE to look at it in the mirror.  It makes me look 50 pounds more than I actually weigh.  The article I was reading said that the foods on the "no-no" list to lose your midsection are carbs.  So, I have decided that I am going to start a low carb "eating habit" (I refuse to call it a diet) to jump start more weight loss and to hopefully start shrinking my flab.  I also joined Curves on Thursday and will start my full workout there tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to it.

So, how is my meal plan going to look on this low carb thing?  Here's what I'm thinking, let me know what you think.


Breakfast:  1 scrambled egg and 2 slices Oscar Myer center cut bacon (less fat and more protein)

Lunch:  Chicken Salad

Dinner:  Grilled chicken tenderloin on our new grill (because I'm the most awesome wife to be and bought my hubby to be a grill for his early birthday present), side salad

Exercise:  30 minute circuit at Curves


Breakfast:  1 scrambled egg and 2 slices Oscar Myer center cut bacon

Lunch:  Chicken Salad

Dinner:  Grilled Pork tenderloin, side salad

Exercise:  30 minute circuit at Curves


Breakfast:  1 scrambled egg and 1 slice bologna cooked on George Foreman

Lunch:  Chicken Salad or leftover pork tenderloin

Dinner:  Grilled hamburger, side salad

Exercise:  30 minute circuit at Curves


Breakfast:  1 scrambled egg and 1 slice bologna cooked on George Foreman

Lunch:  Chicken Salad or leftover hamburger patty

Dinner:  Hot dog on grill (no bun) with pork skins (very low carb and tasty)

Exercise:  30 minute circuit at Curves

Friday, Saturday and Sunday:  This is our going out time so I will choose low carb items wherever we decide to go! 

Also on this meal plan, if I need a snack I will snack on peanuts, string cheese, or pork skins

Now, yes I know that this is a higher fat count than I would like.  But, the way it's supposed to work is that instead of burning the carbs when you exercise you burn fat.  I guess we shall see! 

Tomorrow we start the SAT-10 testing at school.  I think I'm more nervous than the kids are!  This is my first year being on the other side of the test and I'm very nervous!  I hope I don't screw it up!  I also get to pick up my wedding dress on Friday and I should have my engagement pictures back sometime this week or next as well!  I have a lot to look forward to this week so maybe it will keep my mind off of my guilty pleasure carbs!  Tomorrow is Monday and that's my official weigh in day, which is a good thing because I will get an accurate read of how much weight I am going to lose on this low carb diet "eating habit."  Have a wonderful Monday ladies!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


So, today I went through my camera and looked and some of my one week and on post op pictures.  It's true what they tell you.....TAKE PICTURES!  Sometimes you may not can see the weight loss yourself, but when you look at pictures...O...M...G!  Some of these are really embarrassing and I don't want to put them on here but whatever, I guess I have nothing to hide.

But, before I post pictures, I just wanted to do a quick check in on everything.  I'm eating more than I would like but I'm still losing weight.  I am down to 263.2 putting me at a grand total of 35.2 pounds GONE!  I'm hoping I can be at 40 pounds gone by the 20th and that will put me at 40 pounds in 3 months.  Pretty awesome if I do say so myself.  I'm getting my first fill tomorrow.  I was supposed to two weeks ago but my surgeon got called in to an emergency surgery and couldn't make it so I had to reschedule.  Not gonna lie, I'm pretty nervous!!  But, tomorrow I am going with my mom to pick out my wedding dress!!  I'm really excited about it!  I'm getting married June 4th so I know it's kinda late but with all of the weight loss I wanted to wait some. I'm on Spring Break!!  Wahoo!!  I'm telling you, I'm so glad I chose this profession.  Not only is it rewarding as far as the teaching aspect goes, but time off is awesome too!!  I think we teachers were shouting "Wahoo Spring Break!" louder than any of the students lol.  Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and post these pictures.  But just so you know, you have been warned!!  lol

 One Week Post Op 287 lb


Two weeks post op 284 lb
Three weeks post op 282 lb

Four Weeks Post op 278 lb

Five Weeks Post Op 277 lb

Here I am today at 12 weeks post op 263.2 lb
(sorry these are sideways, the will not flip for some reason?)

Those last few are from my post workout.  The ones in the coral shirt are from last night.  So, as you can see 12 weeks with the band makes a HUGE difference!  I can definitely notice it and feel it in my clothes as well.  I have only had one stuck episode and that was my own fault.  I haven't lost any hair yet and I don't get sick with certain foods.  My band seems to be doing me right and I hope that the rest of you are doing well!!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cha cha cha cha changessss!!!

Hello ladies!  Sorry I've been missing for the past few weeks.  We have been prepping for SAT's at work and my students have all of a sudden just decided to FORGET everything we have learned this year.  Can you say stressful?  But, one good thing about me being stressed is that when I am stressed I can't eat so not eating= weight loss lol  I know, I know, not a good way to lose but ya know.  I take what I can get.  Anyway, when I get home in the afternoons and clean up, walk, and have dinner I'm so exhausted that I just go to bed so I never get a chance to post.  This week is Dr. Seuss' Read Across America Week so we have been doing fun stuff this week.  Today we read, "If I Ran the Zoo" and right now they are creating their own crazy zoo animal!  So, this gives me a chance to post.

So, what's new with me?  I have bought some new clothes and I'm now wearing a regular XL shirt from Old Navy instead of XXL.  I also bought some new jeans from Old Navy and I went from a 20 to an 18!  I haven't worn an 18 since my sophomore year of college!  I'm also down 34 pounds!!  Wahoo!!  I still haven't had a fill yet.  I need one though.  I went to my surgeon's office for a fill on Tuesday, but my surgeon had to leave for an emergency surgery and never made it back so that was a wasted trip.  Oh well, I have one scheduled for Monday March 14th.  I'm also trying on wedding dresses that day!  Exciting!  Well, my students are apparently finished because it sounds like my own zoo in here!

Oh, I'm also going to have a bloggy yard sale on here to get rid of some clothes that I can't wear any more!  I will post more details on that soon!  Have a great week everyone!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Long time no see!

You see that big number up there ^^^ ?

I am 25.4 pounds down!  Wahoo!  The most I have ever lost on my own is 30 so I'm almost at that.  I haven't been feeling too well lately.  I've had this awful sinus problem this week and it's caused me to have a severely upset stomach.  Oh, speaking of upset stomach, I had my first stuck episode.  Let me just say, "OUUUUUCHHH!!!"  I'm a drama queen as it is when it comes to pain.  I absolutely can't stand it!  Well, let's just say I was eating a baked potato and forgot that I had a band.  I wasn't chewing as well as I should have been and got a big chunk of it that just went down.  I knew something was up because my chest got tight feeling and it started to hurt.  I stopped eating and sat down on the couch then about 10 minutes later it started.  At first I thought I just needed to use the bathroom.  It was a feeling like I had never felt before.  The next thing I know I'm hunched over my bathroom sink in pain and crying like a baby.  I couldn't breathe well and it just HURT!  I could feel it trying to go down.  Every bit of clothing I had on me felt like it was too tight so I stripped down to nothing and sat in the bathroom floor in front of the toilet.  Yea, nice mental image huh?  lol  I thought I was literally dying lol.  Again, keep in mind here that I'm a drama queen with pain.  Zero tolerance level.  Well, about thirty minutes later it finally passed.  I felt a lot better.  I never threw up or slimed and I actually think I would have rather done that than sat there in pain like I did. 

After that I've had this awful sinus issue so I haven't felt like working out at all.  I also haven't really been able to eat anything either.  Oh, off topic here.  Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to get in 64 oz of water a day?!  I'm doing good to get in 20.  I know, it's awful.  It's showing too because I think I'm getting dehydrated.  My skin is dry, pee is darker, and lips are chapping.  I need to get something to measure what I'm actually drinking.  Someone told me that if you drink two of the large bottles of Smart Water a day then that is exactly 64 oz.  That may be the easiest way for me to find out.  Anyway, I hope the rest of you are doing absolutely wonderful!!  My next post I will have some before and after pics and let me just tell you, I thought I couldn't tell I was losing at first......holy cow!  That's what I looked like was a big cow! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

5 weeks today

It's hard to believe that five weeks ago today this little plastic and silicone band was put inside of me. I thought I was going to be the only person in the world that hated it and wanted it out the next day lol. So, what have I been up to for the last five weeks?

I have lost 21.8 pounds bringing mento a new weight of 276.6! That number is still so big but it will come down.

My family and friends and coworkers are noticing. Another teacher said to me today, "I can really tell you're losing!". That makes me feel so good! My cousin noticed yesterday and if course gave me the 21 questions. But that's to be expected. My mom saw me today for the first time in a couple of weeks and could tell too!

I wore a pair of kakhis to work today that were snug in November and today they were falling off of me! That's a great feeling in itself.

I'm eating a little more and getting braver back into the food world. I went to outback this weekend and had Alice springs chicken. It was good to have dinner in a restaurant with "normal" people.

I'm doing Zumba and not getting tired as quickly!

I don't get tired as much at work. I have much more energy.

I'm just overall happier and can't wait to lose more! I'm down 21.8 pounds that unwound have never lost before on my own.

I've been taking pictures of myself every Monday from week one post op to now. I plan to do that every week until I get to goal. I want to put them on here but I'm nervous. Oh well I may anyway. I need some pics of me and my life on here. I'm posting from my iPhone so excuse any spelling errors. Whenever I get my laptop back I will post some pics! I hope y'all had a great Monday!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hi my name is Amber and I'm crazy

Hello! I haven't posted in a few days and needed to update. In my last post I told y'all that TOM decided to show up and rain on my weight loss parade. You see, TOM and I do not get along! He makes me grouchy, sleepy, emotional, and worst of all snack! I've been doing great this week until last night. I decided I would make meatloaf last night. Inwas good and used ground turkey. I also had butter beans. Ok, what's so bad about that you ask? Nothing really. But, yes there's a but, I ate THREE pieces of it! Three without even thinking! Then when I was in the store, my favorite chips were on sale for a one day sale. Ruffles brand cheddar and sour cream. Yea, my favorite chips on sale for 99 cents staring me in the face. I said, "amber, don't do it.". Then the fatter menaaid, "girl you can eat crackers no problem. If you chew them really well they'll go right down. Besides, you'll only eat a couple and that's nothing compared to what you've been eating." So there I was having a staredown with the chips. TOM whispered in my ear, "you know it's ok, just a little treat and you haven't cheated yet" so I grabbed those damn chips and checked out. I was ashamed about it but didn't care. I got in the car and ate one and it did go down no trouble. I had a total of five which is nothing but still, I cheated. I went to bed, without exercising mind you, and lied there in bed pisses off. Oh I was pissed! I watched tv and I cried at everything that came on. I felt like a psycho! I've been so grouchy and cry baby like this whole period. I don't know what's going on bc I've never been like this. Oh well. I woke up today and said I'm not going to cheat again. It was my one downfall and I'm not doing it again. I'm going to start exercising again bc TOM should be getting the heck out of here any minute now. I'm also up 0.6 pounds this week and I blame it on TOM and my shameless chips. I hope the rest of you are doing good. I go in for my first fill Thursday. I'm really nervous. I've lost good but I can still eat anything I want (clearly) and the reason I'm not overdoing it is simply bc I'm stopping myself. I read of people whose band won't even let them eat certain foods. I just wonder what mine will be like. Hmm, oh well. I'm still down 20.2 pounds so I'm ok with that. I blame it on TOM. Eff off Tom! Have a great weekend everyone!