Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cha cha cha cha changessss!!!

Hello ladies!  Sorry I've been missing for the past few weeks.  We have been prepping for SAT's at work and my students have all of a sudden just decided to FORGET everything we have learned this year.  Can you say stressful?  But, one good thing about me being stressed is that when I am stressed I can't eat so not eating= weight loss lol  I know, I know, not a good way to lose but ya know.  I take what I can get.  Anyway, when I get home in the afternoons and clean up, walk, and have dinner I'm so exhausted that I just go to bed so I never get a chance to post.  This week is Dr. Seuss' Read Across America Week so we have been doing fun stuff this week.  Today we read, "If I Ran the Zoo" and right now they are creating their own crazy zoo animal!  So, this gives me a chance to post.

So, what's new with me?  I have bought some new clothes and I'm now wearing a regular XL shirt from Old Navy instead of XXL.  I also bought some new jeans from Old Navy and I went from a 20 to an 18!  I haven't worn an 18 since my sophomore year of college!  I'm also down 34 pounds!!  Wahoo!!  I still haven't had a fill yet.  I need one though.  I went to my surgeon's office for a fill on Tuesday, but my surgeon had to leave for an emergency surgery and never made it back so that was a wasted trip.  Oh well, I have one scheduled for Monday March 14th.  I'm also trying on wedding dresses that day!  Exciting!  Well, my students are apparently finished because it sounds like my own zoo in here!

Oh, I'm also going to have a bloggy yard sale on here to get rid of some clothes that I can't wear any more!  I will post more details on that soon!  Have a great week everyone!!


  1. thats so exciting getting to ware smaller clothes

  2. YAY!!! Congrats on the smaller clothes!

  3. Hooray for XL's and 18s!! Isn't it so much more fun to shop now? I love going after smaller stuff!!

  4. I did that same thing today, got some old navy shirts in XL! mine were getting too big I was so excited. Still scared to try their jeans, they never fit me well.

    BTW, the graphic tees are buy one get one free through sunday! Good deal, makes em like $7.25 each.