Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back to School..Back to School

Hello!  Well, today it was back to work for me and back to school for my students.  Here in small town Alabama, the town SHUTS DOWN (literally, Wal-Mart closed) when it snows/ices.  We were out EVERYDAY last week!  We were out for our two weeks for Christmas, came back for a week, then were out all next week so my kids are pretty crazy!  They were actually pretty good for me today.  I don't know if I mentioned it or not but I am a 5th grade Language Arts teacher.  I LOVE my job!  I would rather teach lower grades, but with proration like it is, I jumped on the first job I could get! 

So, today we came back.  I am still on such a high from my 20.6 loss from yesterday that I was on cloud 9!  The other teachers noticed big time and, of course, kept asking me what I'm doing to lose so much.  I just told them that I have been cutting back, eating better, and exercising.  None of that is a lie but it's not also the "full" truth.  I'm not really open about my band.  Not that I'm ashamed of it, but it's still so new to me and I'm still figuring it out, I don't want to answer 21 questions from everyone I meet about it.  My students even noticed.  They were like, "Did you do something different to your hair?  Your head and face looks different."  It was funny.  I also found out today that I am in charge of our school's Spelling Bee and the beauty pageant.  Greeeaaaatttt.  Oh well, I guess that's what happens when you are a first year teacher.  At least I can put "Pageant Director and Spelling Bee Director" on my resume now!

Anyway, at our snack time this morning (8:45) I had some yogurt.  It was really hard for me to eat it.  It made my stomach feel really weird.  I guess my band doesn't like to eat in the morning.  Then at 12:00 we went to lunch.  I brought 5 Special K crackers and some tuna salad.  I was able to eat a little bit of it but not all of it.  I didn't even eat all 5 crackers, and a serving size is 17 crackers!  I just related it to still being "tight" I guess because I wasn't even hungry, I just ate because I needed to and there were no more breaks during the day except for my planning period and I was going to get cranky if I didn't have something.  So I ate a few bites and carried on.  My fellow teachers were like, "No wonder you're losing weight!  You're freaking starving yourself!"  Sometimes I do feel that way because I know I'm not getting in enough calories for the day, but I'm not hungry at all.  (Thank you, God!)  I did manage to sip on water most of the day.  I haven't had nearly as much today as I normally do.  TOM also showed up bright and early this morning!  This should be an interesting week! 

When I came home I fixed me a glass of chocolate milk just to get some calories and protein in me.  We then went over to my grandmother's tax office so my fiance could fix a couple of her computers that have been acting up over the past few days.  We came home and Justin had grilled chicken breast strips on the George Foreman and I had baked chicken breast strips baked in the oven with some Dale's Marinade Sauce!  We also had some baked beans with it.  I cut up my 2 strips in teeny tiny pieces, it looked like I was fixing a plate for a baby.  Then I had 2 tablespoons of baked beans.  That equaled about a 1/2 cup.  I don't know if we're supposed to do this, but y'all I'm so scared of throwing up that I chew my food until it is nothing but mushy liquid that will just slide right on down.  It's kinda gross feeling, and my mouth gets tired of chewing, but I haven't gotten queezy yet or thrown up or pb'd so I guess if that's what I've gotta do then I will deal with it! 

Right now I'm sitting here making more wedding plans (I swear I should have just eloped!), watching tv with my hunnie and my dog.  Once my food settles, which should be here in about another 20 minutes, I'm going to do Zumba on the Kinect for the xbox.  Y'all, it's pure comedy.  If I could upload the video I would probably win a prize!  Anyway, I hope the rest of you had a terrific and skinny Tuesday!


  1. I am super tight in the morning too. I drink an adkins shake most mornings. You are doing really great!!!!!

  2. I haven't told too many people either, I don't want to have to explain things yet. I'm worried about what people will say when they see my new portion sizes along with my weight loss. I will tire quickly of the 'you're starving yourself lectures".

    Do you really like the Zumba? I think they make it for Wii...I was thinking about getting it.